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Academy of Pediatric Critical Care


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to APCC 2020 in the diverse and vibrant city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat in India.

We are thankful for all the help from the local organising committees and sponsors, the city of Ahmedabad, our numerous and the conference organisers, in putting together what promises to be another innovative and educating conference.

Our upcoming 2020 APCC conference offers a platform where knowledge and experience can be shared with medical experts in neonatal and paediatric intensive care and related fields, from India and all over the world.

The event provides the opportunity to discuss your specialty at a national and international level, through exchanging ideas and knowledge with colleagues from different countries such as Italy, India and others.

For all 40 members of our society and many more being added every month, and for all those caring for babies, children and young adults, our patients are for us the most important care core. We must always  ensure that we keep up to date with latest medical practices and modern medical aids in our fields; to educate others and to provide the highest quality and level of care to the children and their families no matter what.

International Delegates have been invited for APCC 2020 in Ahmedabad





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