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Objectives of APCC

Academy of Pediatric Critical Care


  • To promote and drive progress in pediatric critical care in India.
  • To collate, disseminate and promote best practices in the identification and management of sick child to optimize outcomes. 
  • To promote multi-centric research into all aspects of pediatric critical care, including epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnostics, and treatment to improve our understanding and generate local evidence 
  • To conduct regular conferences, CMEs and workshops, with renowned national and international expert faculty, with up to date scientific content.
  • To provide a forum to foster new ideas, promote innovation, facilitate networking and nurture collaboration among the members.
  • To take pediatric critical care to the grass root level, with education and training of pediatricians, post-graduates, nurses, and lay public. 
  • To recommend the minimal standards for pediatric critical care in India and to develop evidence-based consensus guidelines and protocols.