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About APCC

Academy of Pediatric Critical Care


  •  It is purely academic, research related activity and work environment and career experience in the children from birth to 18-years (as decided by Govt. of India and/or by Society based on Medical literature) including critically ill/sick children requiring immediate care in emergency room and intensive care unit and no profit making motives.
  • To organize and conduct conferences, workshops, continuing medical education (CME) activities etc and learning & training education activities including research at national /international levels for educating the health care provider(s) namely Pediatricians, Pediatric Critical Care Physicians (here critical care = emergency care plus intensive care and related specialties) and other health care provider(s) namely nurse, allied health care personal involving the patient care, teaching and research related activities.
  • Creation of at par (National / International level) academic activities including Guideline(s)/protocol(s) and research related activities in point number one as mentioned above and guiding to Govt. of India for policy making in point number one as mentioned above.
  • Provide a common forum for interaction, exchange and dissemination of knowledge and expertise between the members of the association and other related fields including general public awareness programs.
  • The APCC will serve as a forum to foster new ideas. It will facilitate and expedite all processes that the members consider important for the welfare of the members and the nation.
  • It will encourage communication between members, facilitate mutual cooperation and promote camaraderie among the members.
  • The APCC will engage in activities that promote the welfare of fellow human beings in times of distress, in India or countries abroad, without racial or cultural discrimination.
  • Hold meeting of the association. 
  • Publish scientific journals, protocol(s), guideline(s) and book(s) etc whenever required.

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