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Dr Nitin Dhochak

Nitin Dhochak

Dr Nitin Dhochak

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), DM (Pediatric Pulmonology & Intensive Care)
Research interest: Pediatric intervention bronchoscopy, Airway inflammation,
Gastrointestinal complications and nutrition in critically ill.

Dhochak N, Singhal T, Kabra SK, Lodha R. Pathophysiology of COVID-19: Why Children Fare
Better than Adults? Indian J Pediatr. 2020;87:537-546.
Dhochak N, Jat KR, Lodha R, Kabra SK. Lentil Aspiration Leading to Likely Hypersensitivity
Pneumonitis. Pediatr Pulmonol. 2019;54:1781-1786.
Dhochak N, Jat KR , Sankar J, Lodha R, Kabra SK. Predictors of Malnutrition in Children with
Cystic Fibrosis. Indian Pediatr. 2019;56:825-30.
Dhochak N, Jayashree M, Singhi S. A randomized controlled trial of one bag vs. two bag
system of fluid delivery in children with diabetic ketoacidosis: Experience from a developing
country. J Crit Care. 2018;43:340-345